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World famous pancake artists, known as Dancakes, will make an appearance at Liberty Hill’s Whimsy & Wonder festival on May 16th. Dancakes is the first name in Professional Pancake Art. Their talented and charismatic artists create portraits and designs out of 100% edible pancake batter for events around the world, bringing joy and laughter everywhere they go.


What began as a “parlor trick” by Daniel Drake in a small café in his hometown of St. Lois, MO, has now become a worldwide phenomenon with a substantial following. Dancakes has appeared on The Today Show and Good Morning America, and has also appeared on hundreds of TV and social media channels for companies like BuzzFeed and Disney. Dancakes has traveled long distances to spread their art in faraway places like Brazil, England and Thailand.


On May 16th, Dancakes will make a stop in Liberty Hill to participate in Whimsy & Wonder. Dancakes will perform at City Hall from 6-9 pm, and visitors can request custom pancakes in the shape of their favorite celebrity, Disney princess, or even their own pet!


Whimsy & Wonder is downtown festival where visitors can interact with artists, musicians and street performers, while being dazzled with magical opportunities to create, enjoy and be entertained. Mark it on your calendar now!

Katie Amsler
Author: Katie Amsler

City of Liberty Hill Communications Manager

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