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Check out some of the awesome activities for kids in the Children’s Imagination Garden at Whimsy & Wonder!

KIDS Activities

The Children’s Imagination Garden will be located in the Water Tower Parking Lot, located at 822 Loop 332, during Whimsy & Wonder. Special activities and performances will take place throughout the evening.

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HIDEOUT KIDS THEATRE | 6:30pm & 7:45pm

Hideout Kids Theatre

Hideout Kids Theatre will offer two 45-minute shows at 6:30pm and 7:45pm under the gazebo in the Children’s Imagination Garden. Four improvisors will act silly, kids will laugh loudly, and parents will watch happily as a new and unique story unfolds biased on the suggestions of the kids in the audience. Kids gain confidence from jumping on stage, and parents get to see their children in a positive light. Laughter brings people together, so what could be better than offering a way for families to laugh together?

BIKE RODEO | 7:15pm & 8:30pm

Bike Rodeo

LHPD will conduct two 30-minute Bike Rodeo sessions at 7:15pm and 8:30pm in the Children’s Imagination Garden. A Bike Rodeo is a fun, interactive, and non-competitive skills course designed for kids to improve their bike handling and traffic safety skills. Bicycles will be given away to some lucky winners at both sessions.


Vinyl Spin Art

A definite crowd-pleaser for all ages. Guests are invited to make their own unique artwork on a vinyl record with our spinart machine artists. People of all artistic abilities love to see how the paints spin to create a dynamic piece of art before their eyes. A great mix of artistic expression, recycling vinyl records and a take home piece for music lovers


Vintage Guitar Station

Get the ultimate Rock Star experience with the interactive Vintage Guitar station. We bring out legendary guitars and basses and allow the kids to pick them up, play with them and even pretend they’re on stage with thousands of people watching. Headphones comes with each of the amps onsite.

CHALK ART | 6-9pm

Chalk Art

Children can check out a bucket of chalk and create their own sidewalk chalk designs at Whimsy & Wonder. Experiment with different colors, and let your imagination go wild, as you think outside the box with this creative fun!


Doodle Wall 

Add your own designs to our big Doodle Wall! Do a quick sketch, or stay a while to let your inner Picasso flow. Doodle away in black sharpie, and color in your designs or someone else’s in colored pencils.


Giant Bubbles

The bubble artists create giant, iridescent bubbles perfect for admiring, chasing, and popping.

Find the bubbles in the Children’s Imagination Garden, located in the Water Tower Parking Lot at 822 Loop 332.

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