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With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, new orders from Governor Abbott, and concern for our citizens and visitors to Liberty Hill, we have made a very difficult but necessary decision to CANCEL the Independence Day Spectacular events scheduled for July 3rd at City Park.

A spectacular fireworks show will still take place on July 3rd at 9:30pm. The fireworks will shoot from the grassy field in between the Intermediate and Junior High schools. Families may watch from their cars and are asked to not enter the field.

The Apple Pie and Ice Cream contests will still take place this Saturday, June 27th.

Thank you for being supportive and flexible as we celebrate America’s birthday at a distance but as a community!


July 3rd | 6-10 pm

Join us at Liberty Hill’s Independence Day Spectacular to celebrate our freedom!

Welcome to the 2020 Independence Day Spectacular, where Liberty Hill gathers to celebrate our freedom in the most patriotic way! We hope you join us from 6-10pm on Friday, July 3! 

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General Info


              Friday, July 3rd 2020 | 6-10pm

City Park | CR 200




Free parking and shuttles at Liberty Hill High School and Liberty Hill Elementary School

Limited handicapped parking at City Park South Entrance

Passenger drop off at City Park North Entrance



All activities and contests are free. Food and beverages available for purchase.


5:45pm | Shuttles Begin Running

6:00pm | Festival Attractions Open

6:00 – 7:00pm | COLBY KEELING

7:00pm | Welcome Announcements

7:15pm | Hot Dog Eating Contest at Pavilion

7:40pm | Apple Pie, Ice Cream & Hot Dog Eating Champions Announced at Band Stage

8:00 – 9:30pm | LITTLE TEXAS

9:30pm | Closing Remarks

9:40 – 10:00pm | Fireworks

10pm | Shuttles Begin Leaving

10 – 10:45pm | NAMELESS ROAD (will play during shuttle load out)



HEADLINING | 8-9:30pm



Want to volunteer for Liberty Hill's Independence Day Spectacular? Apply here and we will get in touch with you!


Colby Keeling 6-7pm

Colby Keeling

A native of Lufkin, Texas, country singer/songwriter Colby Keeling has been singing from a young age. From learning to play guitar in high school to playing his first gig while attending college at Texas A&M University, Keeling has gradually become a poised and lively entertainer. Sharing the stage with artists such as Stoney Larue, Cody Canada, Cory Morrow and Parker McCollum, Keeling has developed a knack for amusing and entertaining crowds of young and old alike through his interactive and charismatic live set. Keeling’s debut EP, “Whatever it Takes” explodes out of the speakers with soaring instrumentation and chilling lyrics and is sure to launch the up and coming artist into the ranks of impressive country artists from Texas.

Little Texas 8-9:30pm

Little Texas

As part of the Young Country movement of the early ‘90s, Little Texas were responsible for shaking up the country music world with a new, energetic sound that fused the look and attitude of modern rock music with traditional country themes and styles, bringing a much appreciated bolt of life into the genre. For their efforts, country fans the world over richly rewarded the band, buying up over 7 million of their albums, while critics showered them with 3 Grammy nominations plus honors from both the Academy of Country Music (Vocal Group Of The Year) and the Country Music Association (Album Of The Year).

Learn more about Little Texas!



Alcohol Tent


Alcohol Tent

Product Size Pricing
Bud Light 16oz $6.00
Michelob Ultra 16oz $6.00
Budweiser 16oz $6.00
White Claw – Black Cherry 12oz $4.00
White Claw – Mango 12oz $4.00
Landshark 12oz $4.00
Versant Pinot Noir Glass $5.00
Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc Glass $5.00
Pigmentum Rose Glass $5.00
Coke $3.00
Diet Coke $3.00
Sprite $3.00
Water $2.00

Garbo’s Lobster

Garbo’s Lobster

Lobster Rolls (2 different styles) -$15
Shrimp Bahn Mi Roll– $14
Garden Salad-$11
Crabcake Sandwich– $14

Wagyu on Wheels

Wagyu on Wheels

Hot Dogs


HomeSpun Creations

HomeSpun Creations

Funnel Cakes $7.00
Lemonade $3.00
Cotton Candy $5.00
Lighted toys $5.00 – $12.00



Brisket Sandwich $9.00
Pull Pork Sandwich $8.00
Rib $11.00
Sausage $5.00
Chicken $9.00
Hamburger $5.00
Cheese Burger $6.00
Boudin $7.00
Hot Dogs $3.00

Biddy B’s Mini Donut Factory

Biddy B’s Mini Donut Factory

Mini Donuts (Cinnamon or Powdered) $6 Bag of 12
Funnel Cake Mini Donuts $6
Fried Oreos
Fried Mini Candy Bars $5
Biddy Sweet Tea 32oz $5
Lemonade 32oz $5
Coffee 16oz $2
Water $2

Poppin Around Texas Gourmet & Kettle Popcorn

Poppin Around Texas Gourmet & Kettle Popcorn

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $5
(Flavored Lemonades Blueberry, Strawberry & Peach)

Gourmet Popcorn
$10 Large Bag
$5 Medium Bag

Elsie's Egg Rolls

Elsie’s Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls (Pork/Chicken/Veggie) 2 for $4 ; 6 for $7
Pancit/Filipino Noodles with 3 Egg Rolls $ 8
Pork Adobo over White Rice with 3 Egg Rolls $ 9

Hill Country Kettle Korn

Hill Country Kettle Korn

Kettle Korn
Small: $4
Medium: $6
Large: $9

24oz Strawberry Limeade $5
24oz Sweet or Unsweet Tea $5

Thumper’s BBQ

Thumper’s BBQ

Sandwich with chips $9.99
2 meat plate $12.99
1 meat plate $10.99
Tag team meal $10.99
Sausage wrap $3.99
Baked potato $9.99

Perky Beans Coffee

Perky Beans Coffee

Hot/Iced Coffee $2.15-2.65
Iced Tea $2.25-3.00
Arnold Palmer $3.25-4.00
Hot/Iced Lattes $3.85-5.35
Ice-Blended Frappes $4.50-5.75
Non-Dairy Fruit Smoothies $4.50-5.25
RedBull Smoothies $7.25

Make My Day Italian Ice

Make My Day Italian Ice

Kids Cup Ice– $2
Regular Cup Ice– $4
Large Cup Ice– $6
Baseball helmet -$6

Pizza on Point

Pizza on Point


Ze Wurst

Ze Wurst

Bratwurst $9
proper German pork Bratwurst made in Texas served on a roll

Vegan Brat $10
Beyond Meat Brat served on a roll

Currywurst $14
sliced Wurst topped with our homemade spiced tomato sauce served with curly fries

Curly Fires $6

GIANT Pretzel with cheese dip $9

Free Topping
Crispy or Fried Onions

Torchy's Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos

TBD – $8 per item


One of our most anticipated attractions of the festival is the Kids Zone. The Kids Zone, located in the West Soccer Field, has 14 stations, with a rock wall, train, water slides, obstacle courses, slip-n-slides and so much more! Because some of the attractions have water, many children like to wear swimsuits under their clothes. The Kids Zone will close at dark so that families can prepare for the fireworks show.

To help encourage social distancing this year, we will not have the infamous Beach Ball Drop, but don’t worry, it will be back next year!

Be on the lookout in the Kids Zone! An undercover agent will be passing out Food Truck Coupons for FREE food and snacks to children practicing social distancing, exhibiting good behavior, participating in random acts of kindness, and having LOTS of fun!

The Kids Zone and all activities are FREE.



July 3rd • 6pm | City Park Pavilion • 251 CR 200

Learn more and sign up now to participate in Liberty Hill’s Independence Day Spectacular Hot Dog Eating Contest!


Ice Cream Dropoff June 27 • 11am-noon
Stubblefield Visitors Center • 1000 Loop 332
Winners announced July 3 at Independence Day Spectacular

Learn more and sign up now to participate in Liberty Hill’s Independence Day Homemade Ice Cream Contest!


Apple Pie Dropoff June 27 • 1:30pm-2:30pm
Stubblefield Visitors Center • 1000 Loop 332
Winners announced July 3 at Independence Day Spectacular

Learn more and sign up now to participate in Liberty Hill’s Independence Day Homemade Apple Pie Contest!


Q: Where do I park?

A: There is no General Parking at City Park or street parking along CR 200. Visitors may either park at Liberty Hill High School or Liberty Hill Elementary School and ride the free shuttles to the park. City Park will have limited Handicapped Parking on a first-come, first-serve basis at the South Entrance.


Q: How can I get a VIP Parking Pass?

A: The first 10 people to register for the Homemade Apple Pie & Homemade Ice Cream Contests will receive a VIP Parking Pass to park at City Park during the festival. See the contest tab for details. Event volunteers will also receive a VIP Parking Pass. Register as a volunteer on the Sign Up tab on our website.


Q: What if I just need to drop someone off?

A: You can drop off passengers at the North Entrance of City Park.


Q: How long do the shuttle buses run?

A: The buses begin running at 5:45pm and finish running when all passengers have returned to their vehicles after the fireworks. The buses WILL NOT run between 9:20 and 10:00pm to avoid interference with the fireworks.


Q: How long do I have to stand in line for the shuttle buses at the end of the night?

A: It all depends on how many people attend the festival. Last year it took 43 minutes for everyone to exit the park. The buses will be operating on reduced occupancy for social distancing concerns. Expect long lines. We will have a post-fireworks band this year, for those who want to stay and enjoy music while the lines die down.


Q: Are face masks required at the festival?

A: Face masks are not required at the festival; however, they ARE REQUIRED ON SHUTTLE BUSES.


Q: Can I bring a cooler?

A: Coolers are prohibited, but bags and backpacks are allowed. Food, beverages, beer, and wine will be available for purchase at the festival. See the Food & Drink tab for options and prices.


Q: Can I bring water to stay hydrated?

A: You may brink a water bottle, but not a cooler. There will be a free Refillable Water Station at the festival.


Q: Can I bring alcohol?

A: Alcohol may not be brought into the park; however, beer, wine, and White Claw will be available for purchase. See the Food & Drink tab for options and prices.


Q: How much do the activities cost?

A: All contests and activities are FREE!


Q: Will my kids get wet?

A: More than likely, yes! There will be water slides, slip n slides, and more! Many kids wear a swimsuit under their clothes and put their clothes back on for the fireworks.


Permitted Items:

  • Lawn Chairs
  • Blankets
  • Bags or Backpacks
  • Water Bottles
  • Strollers

Prohibited Items:

  • Coolers
  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Outside Fireworks
  • Shade Tents
  • Inflatable Furniture
  • Skateboards, Scooters, Bikes or Hover Boards
  • Unapproved Drones
  • Golf Carts