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July 3rd | Liberty Hill Middle School • 13125 Hwy 29

6:45pm | Check in at Table by Band Stage
7:15pm | Contest Begins
7:30pm | Award ceremony at Band Stage

Must be at least 10 years old to enter.

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1. Anyone aged 10 and older may participate in the hot dog eating contest.
2. Each hot dog eating contestant will be given 5 minutes in which to consume as many hot dogs as possible.
3. Each individual contestant will begin the contest with 10 hot dogs and buns. More hot dogs will be brought to a contestant during the consumption of the last hot dog.
4. Each contestant will begin the contest with two glasses of water in which to dunk the hot dogs in or drink while consuming the hot dogs.
5. Individuals are allowed to alter the physical state of the hot dog in order to consume the hot dog in a more efficient manner; this would include separating, dunking and mashing the hot dogs.
6. Individuals caught cheating will be immediately disqualified.
7. Contestants, who feel the need to discharge their previously consumed hot dogs, will be disqualified.
8. Contestants must keep all consumed hot dogs down for a period of 1 minute after the 5 minute contest.
9. After the final minute has expired individuals still in the process of consuming a hot dog must have all of it swallowed with in a thirty second grace period for it to count toward their total.
10. In the event of a tie, a 2 minute overtime/eat off will be implemented.
11. Judges will determine the final count of hot dogs eaten. Their decision is final.
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