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Healthy & Happy in Liberty Hill

Making time for self-care is especially important during these weeks of social distancing. The City of Liberty Hill will post a series of tips, focusing on one aspect of happiness and health each week.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase, it’s important to boost your immune system with proper foods and nutrition to stay fit, happy and full of energy. Balance, harmony and nourishment will allow your immune system to fight off disease-causing microorganisms. Use these tips and tools to fuel your body and give it the best chance at preventing and recovering from disease.

 1. Feed your body with foods proven to boost immunity.  Your body does not produce or store Vitamin C, so you must consume it daily with foods highest in Vitamin C like guavas, kiwi, bell peppers, strawberries, papayas, oranges and broccoli. Add garlic to your cooking for a high concentration of allicin–which boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, and slows down the hardening of arteries. Increase your intake of leafy greens like spinach and kale, which are high in antioxidants and beta-carotene. Also consume live and active cultures through unsweetened yogurt to help regulate your body’s natural defenses.  


2. Add supplements to your diet. Local pharmacist Whitney Brace, from Liberty Hill Pharmacy & Compounding Center, recommends these immune-boosters:

    * Flew-Away: 1 teaspoonful daily mixed into hot water
    * Vit D3: 10,000-20,000 iu daily for 5-7 days then 50,000 iu weekly
    * Viracid: 1 capsule twice daily
    * Vit C (any type): 500-1000mg twice daily
    * Vit A:  20,000iu daily – DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT
    * Zinc: 10-50mg daily
    * Probiotics:  1 cap a day with a meal, mixed variety, if gut is not right


3. Learn to cook healthy meals. Order the cookbook Medicine From Your Kitchen, which is full of healthy-hometown recipes from local residents in Liberty Hill. This recipe book was compiled by Care First Walk-In Clinic, and recipes were chosen and ranked for their ability to fuel our bodies, brains, hearts and cells. You’ll find recipes that will directly improve the condition of your gut from our superintendent, mayor, business leaders and moms. All proceeds from the sale of this cookbook benefit Operation Liberty Hill, our local food bank.



4. Shop for organic produce at local farmer’s markets. Choosing foods that are grown locally without pesticides, fertilizers or chemical preservatives, not only strengthens your immune system but also assists with antibiotic resistance, making your body much more apt at fighting disease. Growing organic food does not involve the use of antibiotics, growth-hormones, animal byproducts or vaccines. Liberty Hill’s local farmer’s market, The Market at Indian Mound Ranch, typically is open on Saturdays from 9am – 1pm during the growing season. Hours may vary due to COVID-19.

Katie Amsler
Author: Katie Amsler

City of Liberty Hill Director of Community Engagement & Communications

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